NACT Canada represents the emerging cannabis tourism industry.


Some say we are ahead of our time as Canada begins to embrace legalization of adult use cannabis with so many varied restrictions across the country, we can barely speak about it. 



In BC, if not most of Canada, we have a long established rich cannabis culture and history that led us to the current medical and recreational systems.



We would like to share our culture and stories proudly, authentically, responsibly. 



Our mission is to normalize cannabis through education and safe access, sharing both legal and historical information to enable responsible adults to make informed decisions.



The NACT Board represents our members. 



To become a member click the link in the menu bar above.


To participate on a working team or to contribute, please reach out to our CEO or board. 



Founded in the spring of 2019, we seek to become a valuable network of committed professionals, building a thriving and proud cannabis tourism industry for Canada. 


Our first AGM is expected in quarter one of 2020.

  • a new membership structure will be present for members to adopt

  • new and current board members to stand for board election

  • presentation of financial year end and annual report

  • adoption of board priorities for the next 3 years

  • other items as the board decide




The NACT Board has elected to focus on the following priorities:

Expand membership to enable a unified voice and collaborative spirit.

Facilitate member networking, forging connections and effective service solutions.

Develop education, traning and best practices to both set and riase the bar on safe responsible service of our guests. 

Encourage and showcase innovation in the cannabis tourism space. Allowing our true nature to shine without fear of stima, judgement or shame.

Advocate for change and normalization of cannabis hospitality, consumption spaces, educational experiences and our famous warm Canadian welcome. 

Build an award winning professional association. Our own diverse, inclusive and effective network of inspired, informed, welcoming cannabis tousim professionals.

Focus on what we can do, on the facts and data, celebrating our culture and progress as we grow.


Copyright (c) NACT Canada 2019

National Association of Cannabis Tourism Canada 

Association Nationale de Tourisme de Cannabis Canada 

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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